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Looking for an Assault Lawyer Near Marion County, IN?


If you are facing assault charges, it’s important to find a qualified defense attorney to work on your case. Assault is a crime that can lead to serious consequences which can negatively impact your life. So, consider contacting an assault lawyer like Terrence Kirby if you need assistance. Terrence proudly serves Marion County, IN and the surrounding areas. He works diligently in order to help his clients achieve a positive outcome in their cases. If you would like to learn more about the services he offers, then call today and receive your free consultation.


Hiring an Assault Defense Attorney

Intimidating or threatening another individual is considered a misdemeanor charge. This means that you could face up to one year in jail and up to $5000 in fines. If you threaten a police officer or other civil servant, however, the penalty may be elevated to a Level 6 felony. This means you’ll face between six months and two and a half years in prison, and a maximum fine of $10,000. Either of these consequences can have a serious impact on your life, and so it’s important to find an assault lawyer quickly.

However, these may not be the only charges you face. Assault and battery charges are often paired together. Battery is the act of touching another individual in a way that causes harm or is otherwise inappropriate (assault, by contrast, is the act of threatening another individual with imminent harm). Battery can be a Class A misdemeanor, a Class B misdemeanor, or a Level 6 felony, which means you could face extended jail time and exorbitant fines.

It is important not to face assault and battery charges without a defense attorney. A qualified assault defense attorney is able to help protect you by building a case on your behalf. Additionally, they can give you advice on what to say and provide invaluable support throughout the legal process. If you would like to learn more, then consider contacting the Law Office of Terrence Kirby for a free consultation. Speak to a qualified assault lawyer today.

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Call Today to Discuss Your Assault Charges

Attorney Terrence understands that facing assault charges can be stressful. You are likely unfamiliar with what the legal process is like, what kind of penalties you could be facing, and what the best way to move forward is. That’s why he’s more than willing to discuss your situation with you. He takes the time to explain everything in an easy-to-understand manner so that you can feel more prepared for what’s ahead. Additionally, he’ll keep you updated throughout the process, and will answer any questions that you have during that time.

Assault lawyer Terrence Kirby strives to help anyone who comes into his office. That’s because he truly cares about other individuals and is passionate about helping defend them. He aims to serve individuals of all backgrounds and situations. Additionally, he understands that sometimes people may have a limited budget. That’s why he is prepared to offer competitive pricing and discounts if necessary. When you need assistance in the Marion County, IN area, consider calling Terrence. Get your free consultation today.

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Choose an Assault Attorney You Can Trust

As an assault lawyer, Terrence is proud to provide his services to the following counties:

  • Marion County, IN
  • Johnson County, IN
  • Hendricks County, IN
  • Hamilton County, IN
  • Hancock County, IN

Terrence has years of experience to back up his skill in court. He aims to help clients achieve the best solution possible, whether that involves reducing the charges or eliminating them altogether. Call today in order to speak to an assault lawyer and receive your free consultation.

The information contained on this website is presented for informational and marketing purposes only and is not to be understood as legal advice. You should consult an attorney for advice respecting your individual needs. Law Office of Terrence P.Kirby looks forward to speaking with you about your particular needs. Please note, however, that the mere act of contacting our firm does not create an attorney-client relationship. As a result, you should never send any confidential information to our office until a Representation Agreement has been signed by both you and Law Office of Terrence P.Kirby.

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