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Looking for a Domestic Violence Attorney Near Indianapolis, IN?


Domestic violence charges are incredibly serious. Oftentimes, you will be facing serious criminal charges and a protective order that can disrupt your everyday life. Finding a domestic abuse attorney is often your best choice to help fight these cases. If you need a trusted domestic abuse lawyer in Indianapolis, IN, then consider calling the Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby. Terrence has 31 years of experience in the field and has helped individuals with a variety of criminal charges, including domestic violence. So you can be confident that he is ready to help you through your case. Call today to speak to a domestic violence attorney and receive your free consultation.


Importance of Consulting a Domestic Abuse Lawyer

Facing accusations of domestic violence can be frightening; oftentimes, it’s best to hire a domestic abuse lawyer the moment you believe they’ll be issued. Domestic violence charges are issued when an individual does one or more of the following:

  • Harming or threatening another member of their family.
  • Intimidating or otherwise making another family member fear that they’ll be harmed.
  • Forcing another family member to engage in unwanted sexual activity.
  • Killing or abusing an animal as a way to threaten or intimidate a member of their family.

The actual charges you receive depend on the situation. For example, if an individual harms another member of their family, they may be charged with domestic battery. Because many of the charges you may face are criminal offenses, it’s important to find a domestic violence attorney quickly.

Under certain circumstances, the family may file a request for a protective order. When the request is filed, the court must have a hearing within 30 days in order to determine whether or not the request should be honored. If they believe it should, then they can issue a protective order that prevents the accused from being near the family for up to two years. Breaking this order can have serious consequences. This can be especially painful to deal with if you are falsely accused and feel like the situation is stacked against you. A domestic abuse lawyer, however, can argue on your behalf and help provide you with invaluable legal support.

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If You're Facing Domestic Violence Charges, Call Now

Domestic violence charges are never easy to deal with. They can lead to a lot of stress and shame, as well as major consequences. Domestic violence attorney Terrence Kirby understands how difficult facing these charges can be. That’s why he works tirelessly to build a defense on your behalf. He will examine all aspects of the situation to determine what course of action is best, and then will pursue it relentlessly in order to try and achieve a positive outcome.

As a domestic abuse lawyer, Attorney Kirby knows that facing unexpected charges can be confusing. That’s why he takes the time to explain what the legal process will look like. He takes you through it step by step so that you know exactly what to expect. Additionally, he makes sure he is available to answer any questions you might have. So please, call today and speak to a domestic abuse attorney you can trust.

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Terrance serves individuals from all walks of life. He strives to make his services affordable because he believes everyone deserves the opportunity to have a strong defense. If you need a domestic violence attorney and live in any of the following areas, please consider calling:

  • Marion County, IN
  • Johnson County, IN
  • Hendricks County, IN
  • Hamilton County, IN
  • Hancock County, IN

Would you like to learn more about Terrence’s services? Then call today and receive your free consultation.

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