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Are You Facing Probation Violation Charges in Indianapolis, IN?


Probation can often be used in place of jail time. It allows you to continue with your life and serve your sentence without spending extra time in a jail cell. But with this advantage comes a cost. Violating probation can lead to serious consequences. If you fear you are facing probation violation charges, contact an attorney quickly for assistance. Consider working with the Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby if you live in Indianapolis, IN. Terrence is a probation lawyer with 31 years of experience. Consider giving him a call today and receive your free consultation.


Importance of Consulting a Probation Violation Attorney

The state of Indiana can be incredibly harsh if you violate the terms of your probation. Just some of the punishments you may receive include:

  • Finishing your sentence in jail.
  • Extended jail time.
  • The punishment being elevated to the maximum you can receive.
  • Being forced to wear an ankle monitor (should you remain out of jail).
  • Mandatory classes or drug and alcohol testing.

There are several different offenses that would be considered a probation violation. These include being arrested, failing a drug test, or not checking in with your probation officer. If you suspect you have violated your probation, it’s important to contact a lawyer immediately. Law enforcement often acts quickly to arrest or detain suspected offenders, and so you’ll likely want to receive qualified legal advice as soon as possible. If you are detained for a probation violation, then it’s important not to speak to the officer without your attorney present. A probation violation attorney can help make sure that you don’t say anything that could incriminate you further. Additionally, they can help fight on your behalf to help protect you.

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Speak to a Probation Lawyer Today

Working with a probation lawyer to build your defense is incredibly beneficial. For one, they can help build a solid defense—for example, gathering evidence to prove that you didn’t actually violate your probation. Even if you can’t escape conviction, your probation lawyer can help argue that your sentence should be lenient, therefore saving you from excess punishment.

Terrence Kirby is an experienced probation violation attorney who has spent years working in criminal defense. He understands what kind of punishments the various sentences might receive and knows how to argue for a positive outcome. He understands that the prospect of violating your probation can be frightening, and so strives to demystify the process as much as possible. When the litigation process starts, he will keep you updated on everything that happens. Additionally, he will answer any questions you have. He will explain the overall situation that you may face and break it down in a way that’s easy to understand.

Terrence fights hard in order to help his clients succeed in their cases. If you live in Indianapolis, IN or any of the surrounding areas, consider giving him a call. Get your free consultation today.

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Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby

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Choose a Probation Attorney You Can Count On

The Law Office of Terrance Kirby is available whenever you need a probation violation attorney. Terrence is proud to provide service to anyone living in the following counties:

  • Marion County, IN
  • Johnson County, IN
  • Hendricks County, IN
  • Hamilton County, IN
  • Hancock County, IN

Terrence understands that anyone can end up in a difficult situation. That’s why he serves individuals of all backgrounds and is willing to help, regardless of how big or small a case is. Additionally, he can provide discounted and competitive pricing for those who need it. If you need help with probation violation charges, then call today for your free consultation.

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