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Theft is a broad term that covers a number of charges. For example, it can involve trying to steal something from a store—in this case, you’d need a shoplifting lawyer to provide you with a strong defense. Or, it can involve fraudulently using someone else’s identity to gain money, which necessitates help from an identity theft lawyer. No matter what kind of theft charges you’re facing, it’s important to contact a lawyer quickly so that they can provide you with assistance. If you live in Marion County, IN, then consider calling the Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby. Terrence can help individuals from all walks of life, regardless of their situation. Contact him today in order to receive your free consultation.


Importance of Consulting an Identity Theft Lawyer

Theft is typically separated into two broad categories: petty theft (for crimes where the stolen property is worth less than $500) and grand theft (for anything above that amount). Property, in this case, doesn’t just refer to physical possessions; it can also cover filming another’s performance without permission, using another’s identity for profit, or not disclosing a lien on a property, among other issues. Because of how varied the charges can be, finding a good theft lawyer can be incredibly important.

The actual penalties for theft vary. Petty theft is considered a Class A misdemeanor, which means you can spend up to 1 year in jail, and may pay fines up to $5000. Theft of property valued between $750 and $50,000 is considered a Level 6 felony, which means you could be facing between 6 months to 2 ½ years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000. If the property taken is worth more than $50,000, then you could be facing a Level 5 felony, which can result in between 1 and 6 years in prison and a maximum fine of $10,000.

Identity theft, while still technically classified under theft laws, is considered a serious offense in Indiana, and so swift action is often taken. It can be further broken down into several offenses, including standard identity theft, identity theft with the intent to commit terrorism, and synthetic identity deception. These can result in years in prison, plus large fines. Because of this, it’s important to speak to an identity theft lawyer and get assistance.

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If You're Facing Theft Charges, Call Now

Whether you are facing charges for identity theft or shoplifting, it’s important to find a qualified lawyer. Your lawyer can argue against harsh punishment and may be able to get the charges dismissed altogether. Additionally, they can help explain what the legal process looks like and answer questions. This can provide you with a greater sense of security and confidence in your case.

The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby is available whenever you need a lawyer to help you with shoplifting charges, identity theft charges, or other similar accusations. Terrence serves Marion County, IN and other areas in central Indiana. Consider contacting him today in order to get your free consultation.


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Terrence understands that anyone may be facing a difficult legal situation. Because of this, he is willing to help anyone who needs it. No case is too big or too small for him to handle. If you need legal assistance, then consider calling the Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby for a free consultation.

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