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While Indiana’s weapons laws tend to be more lenient than others, you can still find yourself in trouble if you violate them. Illegal possession of a firearm or the criminal possession of a weapon can result in serious jail time and fines. Because of this, it’s important to contact a weapons lawyer you can trust. If you’re in Indianapolis, IN, consider contacting a gun lawyer like Terrence Kirby. Terrence dedicates himself to providing individuals with strong legal representation and valuable advice. If you’re interested in learning more, then contact the Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby today and get your free consultation.


Consulting an Attorney When Facing Possession of a Firearm Charges

You are required to have a license in order to be in possession of a firearm, except under certain circumstances, those being:

  • You’re on your own property.
  • Another individual has given you permission to carry a gun on their property.
  • You’re hunting.
  • The gun is safely stored in a vehicle for transportation.
  • You’re at a shooting range or attending a course on firearms.

Despite these exceptions, you can still find yourself accidentally violating the laws, necessitating assistance from a weapons lawyer. For example, say you recently bought a gun and had it in your car to transport it home. If it is not properly stored, you might find yourself facing criminal charges, even though you had no intention of doing anything bad with the weapon.

In addition, there are certain individuals who may face a charge of illegal possession of a firearm, regardless of their situation. These include individuals who have been convicted of a violent crime, domestic abuse, or have otherwise been deemed dangerous by the court. Additionally, minors are not typically allowed to be in possession of a firearm. If you find yourself facing undue charges, you may wish to contact a gun lawyer for assistance.

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If You're Facing a Criminal Possession of a Weapon Charge, Call Now

Gun charges aren’t the only reason you may need a weapons lawyer, however. You could also potentially find yourself facing charges relating to criminal possession of a weapon. That’s because there are certain weapons that are illegal to own in Indiana, including:

  • Throwing Knives
  • Switchblades
  • Throwing Stars
  • Machine Guns

Depending on which type of weapon is on your person, you may be facing anything from a Class B misdemeanor to a Level 4 felony. Because of this, it’s important to contact a weapons lawyer as soon as possible.

If you are facing charges because of the criminal possession of a weapon, consider contacting Terrence Kirby. Terrance is a gun lawyer who has been serving Indianapolis, IN for years. Because of this, he understands how best to address the charges you’re facing. Consider calling him today for your free consultation.

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Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby

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Choose a Gun Lawyer You Can Trust

The Law Office of Terrence P. Kirby strives to provide all clients with excellent service. No matter how big or small the case—and no matter what kind of background you come from—Terrence is willing to help. He takes the time to thoroughly examine each case and explain to you what you may be facing in the courtroom. Then, he determines what course of action would be best for your situation and pursues it aggressively. He can serve as a weapons lawyer for anyone living in the following areas:

  • Marion County, IN
  • Johnson County, IN
  • Hendricks County, IN
  • Hamilton County, IN
  • Hancock County, IN

You shouldn’t have to try and handle your illegal weapons case on your own. Call the Law Office of Terrance P. Kirby today and get your free consultation.

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